Processing includes:
- Processing of bank transactions as they appear on the bank/credit card/loan statements into the financial statements
- Reconciliation of bank accounts, payable accounts and receivable accounts

Typically this results in one or more of three options:
- Information needs to be provided by yourselves for processing. It would require us to receive bank/loan or credit card statements in a specific format from you at regular pre-arranged intervals, 
- We are granted "read only" type access to these accounts in order for us to draw these statements ourselves, or
- Your accounting package already imports bank transactions "live" from your bank.

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Pay Roll

Our customisable Pay Roll Services include:
- Processing of employee information received from you
- Registering new employees for PAYE, UIF and SDL
- Rendering of final pay roll reports to management for authorisation
- Rendering of EMP201 and EMP501 reports to SARS

We require that employee information be received at least one week before the pay roll runs. Any information received after that will be processed on the next run.
Weekly pay rolls are also welcome.

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Tax Services

Tax Services include:
- Completion and rendering of personal tax returns
- Completion and rendering of company tax returns
- Completion and rendering of provisional returns
- Completion and rendering of VAT returns
- Completion and rendering of CIPC returns

Please note that you have a choice as to which of these services you require us to perform, but it does implicate  that we need to receive your financial information in order to complete any of these returns.
If any of the returns are in arrears, we will complete that for you as well, as long as we have the financial information required to do so.

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Admin Services

Admin Services include:
- Registering a change of Directors
- Registering a change of Company Representative

These tasks would typically require certain documentation that you would be obliged to provide.

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